Cristina Vee


Ultraman, Sailor Moon, star of Miraculous Ladybug

"As a native Angeleno, P.J. helped me identify speech traits and habits that I learned growing up in Southern California. Not only did he help me embrace these differences, but he gave me the tools and knowledge needed to turn them off at will. Learning from him gave me so much confidence for my craft!"

Nathalie Kelley


Dynasty, The Vampire Diaries,

The Fast and the Furious

"P.J. is a jewel of a teacher...his precision and patience blew me away...I walked away thoroughly enriched by the experience and more than prepared."

Victoria Justice


Victorious, Zoey 101,

Queen America

"Working with P.J. is always such a great experience. He has such a vast knowledge of accents and a great way of breaking things down. The details and the nuances of his work really make a huge difference. I always leave feeling like I’ve learned so much and feel that much more confident."

Wyatt Oleff


Guardians of the Galaxy, Stephen King's IT, Once Upon a Time

"Thank you is not even enough. We were in desperate need of a dialect coach and...we found you. Then Wyatt books the role!...You made it happen, you were so calm and confident. You are professional, accommodating, encouraging, supportive and patient. You have given Wyatt more than a new dialect to work with, you have opened him up to so many more opportunities and introduced him to how limitless he can be. You have the perfect balance of work and fun during a session...Thank you a million times over. You are amazing!" - Wyatt's mom

Bella Dayne


Humans, Troy: Fall of a City,

The Man in the High Castle

"P.J. has helped me through various accents such as French, Russian, French-Canadian, Brooklyn, Southern, Italian, Polish, among many others. All with which I have booked jobs and enjoyed playing those characters on set. P.J. makes working on an accent or dialect approachable, understanding not just the technicalities but also the essence of that particular dialect/accent. I have recommended him to many, many colleagues because he has helped me so tremendously throughout the years. I was told playing American roles would be close to impossible, as my native tongue is German and the German accent is a difficult one to conquer when one wants to play American characters. I have played various American characters since working with him. I highly recommend him and am very grateful for his teaching."

Larry Cedar


Deadwood, Community

"Working with P.J. is an absolute pleasure, not just because he knows how to zero in on precisely what you as a performer need, not just because he excels as an acting teacher and coach, but because he makes the whole process fun! He loves and respects actors and the acting process and takes great pride in his work. His approach to every session is to not be satisfied until he's 100% certain you've nailed the accent, the scene, the text - i.e. until he's brought you to your full potential.  Professional, disciplined, intelligent, compassionate, and precise, you will find no better coach than P.J. Ochlan, who will not only help you book the gig, he'll make you a better performer overall. Call him today!"

Holly Palance


“P.J. Ochlan is a talented actor, narrator and a gifted creative coach. I started my audiobook career under his skillful, kind and incisive direction and I’m working - so working with P.J. works! I can't thank him enough for giving me specific tools to succeed and go into the workplace with confidence. His focus, determination and guidance have been invaluable.”

Natasha Soudek


Earphones Award Winner

"P.J. Ochlan's workshop was one of the best experiences I have ever had...inspiring, fun, and life-changing...P.J.'s authentic passion and enthusiasm for the craft, in addition to his unbounded positivity, kindness,  professionalism, and caring for his students - in addition to being an absolutely dynamite teacher and excellent communicator - in addition to his literally jaw-dropping talent and brilliance - made it an extraordinary experience on all fronts."

Jodie Foster


Academy Award Winner

“P.J. Ochlan - he's a wonderful actor.  And he can do the accents…"

Natalie Naudus


Earphones Award Winner

"I've used Dr. Dialect for general dialect strategies, as well as to coach specific dialects for audiobook narration. He is clear, efficient, extremely helpful, as well as kind and encouraging. He's my go to guy when I need dialect help!”

Connor Weil


Scream, K.C. Undercover,

Days of Our Lives

"P.J.'s a great coach. I killed the South African accent!"

Johnny Heller


Audie Award Winner, VO Coach

"P.J. is a warm engaging coach. While I am tempted to say that he is worth his weight in gold to the actors he tutors, I don't think he is heavy enough to make that work. He is worth 5 times his weight in gold! That's more like it! I have worked with P.J. many times and he is always extraordinary and exemplary. I encourage you to work with him if you have the opportunity."

Nicol Zanzarella


Audie Award Winner

"P.J. is my go-to dialect coach. Whether it be for audiobook narration or theatrical work, he is a wealth of knowledge, and his expertise is beyond compare. He takes all of the intimidation out of the work, and helps you build a solid foundation for whatever dialect(s) you may need to tackle. If you need help with accent work or coaching, and you want a positive, nurturing, productive experience from a terrific human being, Dr. Dialect should be on your speed dial!"

Frankie Corzo


"P.J.’s class was absolutely wonderful. He is a true master of his craft and an incredible teacher. His passion for audiobooks, storytelling and the potential of this industry saturates the entire experience and made me fall in love with it also. I went in extremely intimidated by an unknown industry...I came out feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof and excited about the future! Besides how incredibly capable and prepared to work I feel, I actually wound up getting multiple opportunities in just a few days following the class! There are no words for how valuable this class and experience is."  

Xe Sands


Audie Award Winner

"P.J. is not only incredibly talented and adept at getting me to a credible-sounding accent, he is also wonderfully supportive and down to earth in his approach. Authors, publishers and listeners trust me to carry the characters with authenticity and accuracy, and I trust P.J. to help me do just that."

Heather Costa


"P.J. Ochlan is an incredible coach - his ear is phenomenal and he's such a joy to work with! He consistently helps me to access different accents and dialects, and develop them further than I ever could on my own. He is my go-to coach for this!"

Marg Haynes


Director, Australian Institute for Performing Arts

"The actor feedback and satisfaction has never been as high as it is with P.J. Actors describe him as giving, thorough, attentive, patient and fun...I would recommend P.J. to any actors looking for a true professional."

Jason Henning


3:10 to Yuma, Swing Vote

"Hey P.J., just wanted to let you know we got the part!...Thanks so much for your help."

"Jason Henning strikes just the right his portrayal of a German officer."  - L.A. Times

Jane Jacobs


"Audiobook narration requires a very special approach to dialects and accents, and P.J. Ochlan’s tremendous skill as an actor, teacher and coach brings this craft to a whole new level. I sought out Dr. Dialect on a difficult project where I needed to portray a dozen medieval Irish warriors plus their female counterparts, and P.J. helped me nail not just the accents, but to create unique and believable male characters! I couldn’t have done it without him!"

Eve Passeltiner


"Believe every review you read here about P.J. He is truly amazing. As a person, teacher and an artist. He is the consummate coach and cheerleader. Whether I’m working with him in a group class or one-on-one, P.J. is always enthusiastic, supportive, and extremely patient. If it’s an accent, he can do it. And he can help you do it. I feel like I have the best teammate in the world giving me resources, tips and distilling the essence of each change required for a given dialect, both for those I’ve worked on before and for new-to-me dialects. So when I go into the booth to record what feels like a meeting of the U.N. with characters who have different dialects, ages, genders, all from different social classes spanning the globe, I know P.J. has prepared me and that he has my back anytime I need to reach out to him. Added bonus:  he is one of the funniest people I know. You will be laughing while you are learning. It is a joy to work with P.J."

Jeffrey Kafer


"I had to do a session with P.J. for an upcoming book. Not only did he work with me to nail the accent, he also gave me a toolbox to help me break down and analyze any accent. Highly recommended."

Katherine Littrell


Earphones Award Winner

"P.J. is my go-to dialect coach when I need help preparing an accent. We’ve worked on Standard US, US Southern, British RP, Hungarian, Japanese, Maldivian - you name it! So many accent coaches or online accent materials approach accent work as if all students start from a US accent or British accent as a default. Because I work from an Australian accent base, many of these materials don’t address my needs. P.J. works with you as an individual and hears what changes you specifically need to make an accent work. Placement, signature sounds, diction, regionalisms - I learn more from P.J. in a one-hour session than I have learned from other dialect coaches in a six week course."